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Monday, 9 April 2018

United States and North Korea dispute

North Korea is friction between South Korea and China. In addition, the Central Coast's direct sea neighbor is Japan.

North Korea already have developed nuclear weapons. He has sharpened the recent collection of nuclear weapons. Since it is not a non-nuclear weapons agreement, because North Korean condemns its nuclear weapons program is not legally bound. Due to the United States military base in South Korea, China believes South Korea is a potential threat in the region and North Korea has helped nuclear weapons.

In this area, the United States and the Allies have always performed a nuclear program of North Korea. Although the extent of these weapons is not enough to reach the United States Mainland, however, they are South Korea and Japan.

Well, this is, now, the most prominent view on this planet. The tension is popular on every lip between the two countries. Two related leaders, Junian Nations, and Donald Trump continuing verbal talks on nuclear tests and high voltage engagement. Now, while talking about both the leaders of the leaders, they are nothing, straight and pride.I'll take you back where it all started, during World War II, Korea was the colony of Japan, but after the end of the second war, after the second war of the war, in 1945, Korea was divided into two zones, the US supported by North and North America. In 1950, the war between North Korea and South Korea, the war ended in 1953, the prisoners were changed, but the peace agreement was never signed. Therefore, both Koreans are technically continuing in war and North Korea has condemned some of the worst against the United States. In North Korea, Kim Kim is the leader of the UN WPK (Korean worker's party) leader Kim Un and he is less successor after 2011, so politics in North Korea is like a family business. The country also follows the policy of 'self-oriented' policy and 'first-ever' policy; In addition, it is a foreign state that makes a little difficulty on the frontier front of Korea. The only mental thinking of Korea and Korea's alliance with the United States for the Korean war established an enemy relationship between the two countries. Massive relations have worsened after North Korea's six nuclear weapons tests, long-term missiles, its development has been able to overcome the target of thousands and its western region of Western Pacific and South Korea continue I am able to strike the area of Guam's US territory. Too.North Korea's negative concept of 90% of Americans. 3 aircraft carriers in the United States and a submarine deployment and recently the Donald Trump warned South Korea on a visit to South Korea, "North should not weaken and do not try to try us, I am here to I have come to provide a message. The North Korean dictator's leader, who has not been able to save you, is putting you in danger of danger, this is a hell that is not stable. "Kim Jones, responding to this, said the hard work for President Trumpp was spoiled by this speech. The war of words is avoiding growing restrictions. China has also ordered its banks to stop business with North Korea, but China will not interfere with it and it will be an inefficient spectacle. However, the United States can not strike directly on North Korea because it ruins the economy, increases global stability and damages massive massacre. Even though nuclear weapons has yet to launch by North Korea, they are being interrupted and in return, without it, it is the most explosive force.

Muhammad Saad Iqbal
(MPhill Scholar)

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