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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Realistic and Liberalistic Approaches: World War. 2 - Atom Bomb and Einstein

Realistic and Liberalistic Approaches

Two types of states on the globe exist; one is a realist and the other is liberal. The realist states don't mean the whole nation is a realist and prone to power, military and war but their policymakers are realist thinkers. While the liberal state's policymakers are calm and peace lovers, they prefer negotiation and dialogues with rivals rather than war to end war/conflict which is a realist approach. The strangest realistic state on the globe is the United States of America while the state with the Liberalistic policies is Russia which was called as USSR before and during the cold war. Realist approach is devastating and is dangerous/threat to the World, because if now any conflict leads to or becomes a cause of war then it can be a nuclear war that may be the end of the world. More than 8 states till now have nuclear technology from different geographical locations which means devastation or destruction of the world or maybe the end of life.

'War isn't a solution to any dispute/conflict.'

Many wars fought to end conflicts and disputes but end without any solution but the intensity of disputes raised. War is also an evil act that may take a life of rivals and innocent people may effect war. If we talk about the most devastating war of the 20th century, then how we can forget World War-1 and World War-2, Cold War (Which converted into many proxy wars), and now term war diverts from physical War (with weapons) into Economic War.

World War 2, Einstein and Atom Bomb

Albert Einstein was born in Germany and he left Germany and settled in Switzerland for his studies. After that, he got the nationality of Switzerland and won the noble prize in his great work in physics. He was offered a post in Germany, so he moved back to Germany (Home country). Albert Einstein hates wars and loves peace. In 1933, He was on a visit to the United States of America and coming back to Germany on a ship when he heard a new that Nazist German party leader Adolf Hitler has ordered to kill all Jews because of his Jewish hatred personality. Einstein settled in the USA and became a USA citizen in the year 1940. This was the start of world war 2, Germany was fighting with the world as well as killing Jews on the land of Germany in 1939 when Einstein heard that Germany has started work on the breakdown of the atom and they will soon make atom bomb which will be an alarming threat to the world. He hates Germans leader Hitler because of his inhuman behavior, he wrote a letter to the USA President Roosevelt and the meaning of the letter was:

'I have heard Germany has started work on an atom and they will soon make the atom bomb, so you should have to call the best scientists to make an atom bomb before Germany.'

Roosevelt sent a letter in reply to his letter and thanked him because Einstein was the only famous and renowned scientist at that time. Einstein stayed in the USA and within 2 years the USA made an atom bomb in 1941 when the USA take part in World War 2 after the attack on pearl harbor. During work on the atom bomb, Einstein heard that the news he heard before was wrong about Germany is working on the atom bomb. He wrote a letter to Roosevelt with words of sorry and pleased him to stop work on an atom bomb because he knows how much atom bomb can be dangerous for the world. But that was too late because Roosevelt has passed away at that time. Einstein gave suggestions to Roosevelt to collect uranium as much as possible for the atom bomb. As time passes, due to the realist behavior of the United States of America used the first atom bomb. at Hiroshima, Japan on 6 August  1945 and second on 9 august 1945 at Nagasaki, Japan. After that, world war 2 ends with the destruction of almost 60% of infrastructure and deaths of about 16 million people around the world. 

Once Einstein said:
'I am don't know what weapons will be used in the world war3 but world war 4 will be fought with stones and sticks.'

Einstein was the most genius on the earth and also got 7 noble prizes on his services, the first one was for theoretical physics (Photoelectric effect). Einstein died on 18 April. 1955, at Princeton's  University medical center at the age of 76. He was suffering from a disease 'abdominal aortic aneurysm' at the time of death. The world lost a great scientist who made an atom bomb on the basis of misunderstanding.
May Allah protect this earth from the most devastating the technology called 'Nuclear/Atom Bomb'.

Friday, 6 September 2019

Hundred days of Lackdown (Curfew) in Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir is part of India or Pakistan?


Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory since the partition of Sub-Continent. Pakistan and India fought 3 main wars on Kashmir but War isn't a solution to any problem. This dispute can only be solved on the table of negotiations with peace. If both parties will try to solve this issue with war, then remember there would be only blood of both nations on the ground, not the solution. If we see in past, World War 1 and World War 2 were the most devastating wars of the modern era ended with the floods of blood. Recently, in august 2019, India revocked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by the revocation of article 370 and of 35A Indian Government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hundred Days of Lackdown Curfew in the States of Jammu and Kashmir

One Hundred One days passed but cruelty/brutality remains and increasing in  andt States Jammu and Kashmir.
This brutal behavior of Indian Govt and Army is a black mark on the name of humanity. Indian army oppressing Kashmiri people because of no reason, they actually want to snatch land of Kashmir from Kashmiri Muslim people and want to merge in India just to make Greater India. Oppression of Indian army on Kashmiri people is increasing day by day but no one knows what will be happen when curfew will left? The simple answer is insurgency should rise in Kashmir because when cruelty rise, it ends. There should be another movement in Kashmir from Kashmiri people against india and indian brutality. It may leads to killing and deaths of thousands of people, which is a threat to global prosperity and peace. Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan speech on the platform of  General Assembly of United Nations clearly defined, Indian behavior on Kashmir and it's outcomes because only Pakistan and India knows the feelings of Kashmiri people. 
Some questions about Indian Oppression on Kashmir:
Where are the organizations talking and working on human rights?
Where are the world's super nations who are the promising and working on human rights? 
Where are the states working on the status of children and women?
Where are the states working on the territorial integrity and independence? 
Where are the states and nations who are against slavery since 1492?

The answers is no will do anything because victims are muslims, not jews or christians. 
Only Human Right Organizations and so called Protetors of human rights states can solve this issue and stop indian brutality, but they will not do anything because this is matter of muslims not of christians or jews. 
World can see the difference of muslim state and non muslim states, in a way that Pakistan opened Kartarpur Corridor for Indian Sikhs and shows religious prosperity and independence on the globe, while Indian Supreme Courte ordered to replace Babri Mosque with Temple, which shows brutal nature of humanity and extremism. 
No one knows what will be the end of these two nations but history and facts says 'Virues always defeat evils'.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

All about New Year

Every year millions of people celebrate the 31st of December to welcome the new day of the new year of their life, I don't understand one thing should we celebrate it? or should we be saddened about the fact that one year from our life is gone, thou everyone has different opinions.

Opinions about New Year

But if we see other's opinions new day of the new year brings new hope, new dreams, hope to bury all the bad things with the last sunset of 31st December, hope to start a new life with the new sunrise of 1st Jan. It's good to have little hope. some way or another we've chosen that this change, which will end one year and start the following, is unique. This one of a kind tick of the clock has dependably provoked us both to celebrate and to venture outside the everyday activities we're generally so occupied with to reflect, to think back, take stock, survey how we did, and make plans to improve the situation going ahead.

Well! We don't think so. We have passed one more year where partners moved toward becoming companions; companions turned out to be closest companions and closest companions to colleagues fundamentally indistinguishable year from last one, we concur. Notwithstanding, we observe New Year as well as an express farewell to a year that has conveyed such huge numbers of individuals to our lives. We trust it is to a greater degree a type of appearing at everything that occurred while saying farewell and preparing your intuitive for new difficulties are the center reasons we notice New Year and New Year Eve consistently.

 Many people take several resolutions to spend another year with full passion, chasing their dreams, not repeating the mistakes, but does it happen? Obviously is majority cases, no. Because it's the year that changes not a person!!!

Behind the enchanting draw of "New Year, New You" lies another sort of error, as well: the possibility that what we require, all together at long last to change, is one final push of self-control. (Probably, the expectation is that the "January feeling" of new beginnings and fresh starts will give it.) The supposition is that you're somewhat similar to an overwhelming rock, balanced on a slope over the Valley of Achievement, Productivity and Clean Eating. All you require is a purposeful push to make you roll.

One valuable approach to move viewpoint is to hand both Old You and New You their walking requests, and restricted your concentration to Present You. Try not to make plans to end up "the sort of individual" who runs, ponders, or tunes in to your companion. Rather, simply do that thing, once, today. Ideally now. It's enticing to include "and after that do a similar tomorrow, and consistently, forever" – then again, actually is fall once more into the New You trap. Settle for what is the most convenient option. Today is the main day of whatever is left of your week.

British Report on New Year

A recent report by British therapist Richard Wiseman found that for a large number of us, what U2 sang is valid: "Nothing changes on New Years Day." Of 3,000 individuals pursued for a year, 88% neglected to accomplish the objectives of their goals, albeit 52% had been sure they would when they made them.

It's captivating, truly, to perceive how regular such an extensive amount this is: Fireworks. Good fortunes customs. Goals to give us the misrepresentation of command over what's to come. All over the place, New Year's is a minute to consider our shortcomings and how we may diminish the vulnerabilities they present—and to take care of the startling weakness that originates from pondering the agitating obscure of what lies ahead. As normal as these mutual practices are crosswise over both history and culture, it's entrancing to understand that the exceptional ways that individuals take note of this novel section of one day into the following are most likely all signs of the human creature's basic for survival.

All in all, how would you console yourself against the scariest thing the future holds, the main beyond any doubt thing that lies ahead, the inevitable reality that you will sometime pass on?

And what changes the new year really makes? does it wipe all your tears of previous years? does it give food to the poor? shelter to people? 

No, so why spending hundreds of rupees just to welcome a day that has no impact on your life.

I hope this year everyone celebrates this day in different ways, make someone happy for a day, or make yourself happy, I hope every dream come true this year!!!


Thursday, 14 February 2019

14th February - Love Day (Valentine's Day) and Religion Islam

Valentine's Day History and Religion Islam:

All people are familiar with this day as the name of 'Love Day'. Origination of Valentine's Day from a "Lupercalia" (Roman festival) in the mid of February around 496AD. Some of the writers wrote 3rd century AD as the origin of Valentine's Day.

In recent days this Love Day was celebrated by Christians and nowadays people from all believe celebrates this day as Christians. Even Muslims also celebrate this day as Christians which isn't permitted in Religion 'Islam'. As a Muslim, I am worried about the people who are involved in these types of activities. Islam teaches us to love someone is a blessing of Allah (GOD) but the way how people celebrate Valentine's day isn't allowed and prohibited in religion Islam. All the unethical things are prohibited in Islam even in love or war.

Let's come to the day of Valentine:  

The lovebirds especially meet in parks and hotels for dating. The believers and followers of Valentine's Day first exchange flowers, gifts, and chocolates with each other. All-day they spend together and do some unethical and immoral things. At the end of the day, they go back to their places and the whole story closes with the sunshine of the next morning. 
Loveday isn't celebrated by only married couples but unmarried couples are also deeply involved in it. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Religion (Islam) and Science on BIG BANG Theory

Creation of the Universe and the big bang! Science with Religion. According to many astronomers, the universe was created during an event that's known as Big Bang; a giant explosion that took place many years ago (10 - 20 Billion). 


The explosion took place in all directions and got bigger and bigger. Eventually, it formed planets, stars, and galaxies. 


 In the beginning, The universes contained very hot matter; not even an atom can exist. This universe then cooled down and converted this heat energy into sub-atomic particles i.e protons, neutrons and electrons. It took thousands of years for these electrons to combine with atomic nuclei (proton+neutron) and create electrically neutral atoms. First elements made: The first elements that were produced are hydrogen and helium followed by the traces of lithium and beryllium. These elements formed giant clouds resulting in the formation of stars and they lead to the production of heavy matter found in galaxies today. 


The first solid evidence is the detection of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMBR). The universe is young and hot was made of Plasma that was continuously emitting and reabsorbing light preventing the light from traveling through space. The aforementioned point tells us that the universe starting cooling. Since it started cooling, plasma started to form neutral atoms that did not absorb light so the universe was transparent and clearly showed light. The CMBR is the light that was emitted by the hot plasma when the universe was turning from opaque to transparent. 


Infrared light has enabled us to measure the speed of the expansion of the universe and is the only way to spot the galaxies that formed when the universe was very young. 


According to Islam, Allah Ta'ala is the creator of the entire universe. He alone manages it; He is Eternal and the Absolute. He is the most Powerful. 

The Holy Quran says, 

"Indeed there is no God but he" And, "He is the one who created the heaven and the earth in six days" According to Islam, After creating the Universe, Allah created a pen and a tablet. He then asked the pen to write whatever will happen and this is made our destiny. According to the Quran, The Qur'an says that "the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit before We clove them asunder" (21:30). 

Moreover, the Qur'an describes that Allah "made from water every living thing" "Allah has created every animal from water. Some of them are that creep on their bellies, some walk on two legs, and some walk on four. Allah creates what He has the power to create all " Science agrees on it that everything in the universe is made from the water.