Today everyone feels that he/she is superior to others but the reality is that no one looks inside and makes fun of poor and poverty.

When an educated person thinks and behaves like this then our society appreciates them and makes them their leaders. The main point is that if the educated community thinks and behaves positively then our society will follow them because today educated people are considered as the pillar of society. Today, the rate of social evil act increasing in the world especially in Asia and Africa including Pakistan, which is a major threat of social instability of nation and Muslim society. The major contributor to these evils is social media (Facebook and Whatsapp etc). The main reason for its increasing rate is negativity in the thinking of educated people which is just due to social media blessings. Along with it, these socials evils happening because our nation especially youngsters including educated people are following bad and foreign culture which is against Islamic laws and teachings of our Holly prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW). If people follow the teachings of Islam and Islamic laws then the world could be free from social evils. Muslims rule the world for a long period. I hope and pray that we should be strong and the best nation again as we were. I wrote this article just to create awareness about the teachings and learning Islamic laws. I hope after reading this small article everyone should think and makes them positive and should follow Islamic laws and Islamic teachings.

Muhammad Saad Iqbal
(Mphill Scholar)

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