Story of Childhood about Solar System

When I was a kid I always think that how sun, moon, and stars are arranged and why they are always in the same places every day. I always think about why these are not leaving their place and how these are moving in the same way and same time daily. I could not find answers to my questions for a long period of time. Whenever I try to ask from elders, they first said that it’s all Almighty ALLAH’s creativity and always used to said that don’t think so much about it because thinking about Almighty’s creativity is not a good thing and it is against religious laws.

Then I left these topics for some days and again tried to find my answers but could not find what I was looking for.

Then the time came to know for what I was looking and it was time when I was in 6-grade school (11-years). One day a science teacher teaches us about the solar system and explained the whole process of the solar system. She also said that all the stars are moving around the sun on their own orbits, my brain was bursting because I was thinking about it too much for a long period of time. I lost my control and raised my hand for a question. The teacher said to me write your questions on dairy I will answer at the end of class but unfortunately, class time was short and she left class as her lecture completed. I was again hopeless but I decided to meet her to ask questions, I was so shy and always try to be away from teachers but I forced myself and requested her to came outside from the staff room for a minute, she came outside and ask what happened. I requested her to answer my question,  She felt a little bit confused because I questioned as I was thinking since my childhood so my question was not clear to her. But after some seconds she laughed and replied in a way that, All the stars are moving around the sun and each star has it’s own orbit (Orbits are like train tracks where the train runs and follow directions by track); She said that this is science and creativity of Almighty ALLAH. 

I asked the second question that what happens if any of star left its orbit? She laughed again and replied that the stars will collapse and that will be the end of the universe including our planet earth. 

I asked again so why Almighty Allah makes this system? She replied: No one can answer this question other than Almighty Allah so don’t think about these type of things which are linked to religion. 

After that, I tried to find my answers from the internet but I faced hopelessness. Tonight when some people were talking and one child was asking the same question when I decided to share my story. 

I share this question with so many people, all answered me in a way that it is related to religion so don’t think about it. But in reality, I am not satisfied by anyone because man is searching for new things and reached on the moon and Mars. Maybe I one day there is a question of my question but I didn’t search after Intermediate ( 17years – Age).

When I compiled all the things together I concluded some statements:

” ALLAH Almighty created the whole universe alone and in a short period of time”.

Sun, moon, and stars are blessings of Almighty ALLAH. These are working on science phenomenon which is the only creativity and blessing of Allah to run the universe in a proper way. I agree that it is linked with religion but it must have some scientific reasons. 

Being Muslim I also have a strong belief in Allah and I know Science is developing day by day but its base is the creativity of Almighty ALLAH. This is just my childish question but I will try to find my answer again.
Muhammad Saad Iqbal
(MPhil Scholar)

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