When Allah created Adam (A.S) representative of Human beings, Allah ordered all (who were present) to do prostrate in front of Adam. All do but Devil (Iblees) refused to do this and said that I am superior to him because I am created by fire and he is by water and soil. Allah Almighty replied to him go away and you will be in hell, but he requested Almighty Allah that I worshiped you for a long time so I want to be alive till Day of Qayamat (The last day of the universe) and I will preach him (Adam) wrong. Almighty Allah gave him a chance and permission to do whatever he wants and said that you can preach wrong to human but those who are mine will not follow you. Then the time passes Adam (A.S) was in heaven, Almighty Allah said that Adam we are giving you an opposite gender for your living and she is your wife, then Almighty Allah created Hawa (Mother of the human) from Adam (A.S) and they were living happily in heaven. Almighty Allah allowed both that they can eat anything from heaven but there were restrictions to eat only one thing. Both Adam and Hawa (A.S) were passing their days happily in heaven. But a day came when Iblees came and he tries to revert Adam (A.S) from he believes and continuously convinces Adam to eat the restricted fruit, it is much tasty than all others but Adam refuses all the time and always replied that Almighty Allah restricted to eat this fruit. Then Iblees felt hopeless and he went to Hawa (A.S) and convinces her to ate restricted fruit, first Hawa also refuses as Adam but when Iblees forced her to ate then she ate restricted fruit. This was the beginning of  Iblees success on a human. When they break restrictions of Almighty Allah then Almighty Allah sent them on earth. That was the first time when humans broke laws and restrictions of Almighty Allah and Almighty Allah punished them and that is a big punishment.

How many restrictions and laws of Almighty Allah we are breaking and refusing, just think if Almighty Allah punished his Prophet then what we are in front of him. Always do whatever Almighty Allah allows, and try to be away from the things which have restrictions by Almighty Allah. 
In the end, I pray that Almighty Allah protects us from the devil (First name Iblees) and his attack on our religion.  I pray for all our dead relatives and all believers of Almighty Allah that Almighty Allah gave them the highest place in heaven. Ameen

Muhammad Saad Iqbal
(MPhill Scholar)

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