Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Stephen Hawking

Disappointed or hopeless people never go with the flow of life and never accept challenges, they always think negative and never try or work hard for their targets, they believe only on their luck but luck is not everything. If a person tries to achieve his/her target or goals then he/she can be successful. It is a lack of awareness and education that people depended on their luck and never work hard to achieve their challenges. Some of the educated people are also doing this in everyday life that is why most of people commit suicide because they think their luck isn't with them but actually their thinking is faulty.

Being a Muslim It is our belief that everything is decided before by Almighty Allah but It is also true that In every religion it is a belief that
 " If u work hard then you will be successful one day ".
" Allah Almighty helps those who help themselves "

Mr. Stephen Hawking a great physicist and scientist is an example for these disappointed people. When he was young he turned paralyzed and doctors gave a written statement that he cannot live more than a few months. But Allah Almighty gave him a great life of 76 years, he was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford city of UK and died on 14 March 2018. He was totally paralyzed but his mind was sharp and he is also called Newton of the new world. He was unable to speak and move but his friend scientists make a tablet by which they can understand what his eyeballs and chin are trying to say.  
Mr. Hawking was a man of determination that's why he accepts challenges and wrote many books on science even he was totally paralyzed. When his Ph.D. thesis was published by British Cambridge University in 1966, it breaks all records and that there is read by 20 lac people and downloaded by 5 lac people. Most of his work is on theoretical cosmology and black holes and he is famous for time machine invention.  Mr. Stephen Hawking was the man who said that the next 100 years are very critical for the earth. His most famous and revolutionary book is 

" Brief History of Time "

Hawking's life is an example of disappointed people in a way that if we a person works hard then he can achieve any goal of life. It is a time to think like Stephen Hawking then we can be determined and will be able to do work hard otherwise we will be as like we are before. 
I close this chapter with some prayers for Hawking that may Allah Almighty forget his all mistakes and may his soul rest in peace. 

Muhammad Saad Iqbal
(MPhil Scholar)


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