Friday, 16 November 2018

  We leave in the dark of our country, we leave as hopeless in the street, but we sing with hope in the marketplace...

    We walk without friends, we talk alone in the town as hopeless. But we still talk with hope in the marketplace...

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  Yes, we are the native of the road, we leave as hopeless in our father's land, we are carried as a slave to our own brothers of the higher class.

 But we smile with hope in the street knowing there is hope...

  We are said to be hopeless but we live by hope knowing there is one on high how cares...

   Our house is built out of leftover materials and lives in the comfort of it as hopeful as we hope...

  We jump from one street to another, we move from one house to another as hopeless but now we are the king of the street.

   We walk in the dark to get the comfort of the moon when the sun is down...

  We broke into a song of the captive in our father's land, we are being driven out of our home as hopeless but we fought back with hope.....

  We are said to be the sons of the street but here we are at the government level as hopeful as the stars...

  We walk in the dark of the night just to see the sunrise as we hope to survive.

   We are said to be hopeless and being treated like a dog by the higher class but we never give up on our hope.....

   We are hopeless but not death, only the death is hopeless, we live by faith and faith build hope in us.

For all those in the street begging never give up on your dreams, God will make a way out.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

It is very interesting what the scripture says about judging others, and more interesting, how people hide behind a single verse in the holy scriptures without looking into other verses, to know, what the master is trying to pass across about a thing.

Christianity and Judgement

Because you love sin, anytime someone corrects you, you say they are judging you, just because they told you the truth about the kind of lifestyle you are living in, your salvation and love for Christ Jesus should show in the way you dress and live, even the Holy Bible teaches that our dressing should be in modesty and foolish talking shouldn't be among us,

but you say " thou shall not judge " because you are told that, the way you dress encourages sin and promote lust, you want to dress and talk like the world, without being told the truth, remember, we are in the world, but of the world, we are to teach the world how to live, and not for the world to teach us.

Our conversation should be that which will glorify God and build love among us, instead of causing arguments and division. 

I am not judging you, please read the Holy Bible brethren. , It condemns the way you live and conducts yourself, if it's not according to the scripture you are already judged by it, and there is a way out, if you call unto God with a heart of repentance, he will hear you and grant you the grace to live for him.

Stop the " do not judge me " way of running from the truth anyone that tells you the truth, is not judging you, am sorry if it looks like they are judging you, but am asking you to please live according to the standards of Christ Jesus, I know we all walking toward perfection in Christ.

But the scripture asks us to judge righteously, we are to judge with righteousness among ourselves as believers and not to condemn ourselves, but to help each other grow into that man and woman that Jesus will be glorified through us, for we are save for his glorification,

that's why, we are the light of the world as Christians, and we need to shine in the way, we dress and live, our dressing and talking should be that, that men will see and say truly Jesus Christ is the way to salvation, your dressing and the way you live can be a sermon to someone to save them from damn.

Because you think is normal, doesn't make it normal, God is not a man that he should lie ( change ), forget about how many people are in support of it, If God said its a sin, a sin it remains and you will be judged with the standard into eternal life or death,

So why say its normal, because you or someone feels it's normal, it doesn't matter how many people embrace, homosexuality, bisexuality, pornography, Fornication, lying, indecency, foolish talking, coarse joking, idol worship, etc,

As Christians we are to stay away from all these things, it is not fitting for it to be mentioned among us, you may be struggling with one of this, doesn't mean you should justify and embrace it, rather cry out to God for strength, and train your body to do what pleases God and not what pleases the flesh.

The flesh is one of man's enemy, and we are to train it and bring it under subjection, by walking in the holy spirit.

No one is born a saint, we are all faced with temptation, but remember God will always make a way out for us to flee all we need is just to focus on God

I am not judging you but asking you to stop being a lukewarm Christian and ask God to set you on fire for him.

Oh Lord Jesus Christ am tired of living a lukewarm Christianity, please set me on fire for you

I want to burn for you Lord, if you will kill me, Lord kill me but please set me on fire for you. Let my living make men know that you alone truly saves.

Revive us oh God of our fathers, we want to see your power and strength as our fathers of old does even more Lord. 

By: James Abu Olotu

Sunday, 4 November 2018

The violin, viola, and cello these are the first names of the violin. The violin was first made in the early 16th century in Italy. The earliest evidence for their existence is in paintings done by Gaudenzio Ferrari from the 1530s, though Ferrari instrument had only three strings. The academie musical, a treatise written in 1556 by Philli Bert jambe defer, gives a clear description of the violin family much as we know it's today. It is likely that the violin developed from several other 15th and 16th century stringed instruments, including the braccio's vielle, rebee, and lira. Since their invention, the instruments of the violin family have seen a number of changes. The general pattern of the instrument was established in the 17th century by luthier as the prolific Amati family, Jakob stainer of tyrosol and Antonio Stradivari, with many breeders at the time and since then following their models.

CREMONA VIOLIN is a premium brand for violin students. This violin is designed for maximum comfort and playability. In 1989, an award-winning company 'Guangzhou Cremona company' founded. Which is renowned for making high-quality stringed instruments and bows that are well suited for beginners. This violin has lightweight construction means quality workmanship, better sound and. It is 20% lighter than the others. 

Question # 1: Where is the violin made in Italy? 

Answer: The city of Cremona, Italy in Lombardy is famous for its luthier's makers of stringed instruments. Since the 16th century, crafting high-quality violins?

Question # 2 : Who were the famous violin maker of Cremona? 

Answer: Vittorio and mareello Villa are Italian violin marker, In their workshops in Cremona, Italy they make violins, violas, cellos, the bow of the baroque instrument according to Stradivari, Guarneri, Amati violin making style. 

Question # 3: What is the good brand of the violin? 

Answer: 1- Stentor, 2- Knilling, 3- Cremona, 4- Cecilio, 5- Mendini.

Question # 4: What is the most expensive violin? 

Answer: It recently becomes the most expensive violin in the world, selling for an estimated 16 million dollars. Its new owner anonymous donated the historic instrument to violin, Anne Akiko Meyer, on loan for the rest of her life. 

Question # 5: Is it hard to learn the violin? 

Answer: To play the violin a lot of practice required. Learning violin can b difficult and many people think it is the most difficult musical instrument to learn. 

Question # 6: What is the oldest violin? 
Answer: The oldest violin surviving VIOLIN dated inside, is the charlix ix by Andrea Amati, made in Cremona in 1564 but the level is very doubted.


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