Tuesday, 17 December 2019

It is astonishing news for humanity that a nation of millions is oppressed by a so-called democratic nation's army. Besides religion just see and think what is wrong and who is wrong? It was shocking to the world and to the only nuclear power of that time the United States of America when a Pearl Harbor was hit by the Japanese army in Honolulu, Hawaii on 7-Dec-1941. The destructive reaction came by the USA and on 6th and 9th, August 1945, the USA dropped Atom Bombs on two cities of Japan Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. It was the reaction of killing a few people, while now a whole nation, which is in millions is under curfew/lockdown and hundreds killed by the Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir during this era after revoking Article 370. 
Unfortunately, World and peacekeepers are silent on this issue. There may be only two reasons, one India is a growing economy and states have trade concerns with it and one more reason maybe the people living in Jammu and Kashmir are Muslims. Humanity asks questions:

Trade is important than freedom and human life? 

Is there any religion who teaches to murder someone? 

Is there any religion who teaches to take freedom of life from someone? 

If yes then think how people of this religion are living and how they are surviving. It must be the wrong perception they must be no religion or even philosophy condemn the killing of humanity. Plato, Socrates and Aristotle's philosophies are also condemning the violation of human rights. An Atheist believes that humanity is also a creature and they don't have to believe in GOD (ALLAH) (Bhagwan) but they also condemn the killing of any human being. It is justified that a nation is treating like animals with another nation that is under his own government and they are labeled as a temporary part of this nation (India). But the debate doesn't end here, it enters the territorial boundary of that country (India). Take a look at the states of India with Muslim majority areas including Assam showing the face of the cruel nature of the present government of India, but the world is silent because these are Muslim of Asia not people from the western communities like Christian, Buddhist or jews. Pakistan and India are two candidates for Jammu and Kashmir, so they both have concerns about it. China's concern also on Ladakh territory, but being a top-class economy and growing/upcoming superpower is also silent on this violation of humanity. 

Where is UNO? 

Yes, UNO is raising voice but UNO hasn't any power to implement any decision because of P5+1 countries which are high standards and considered as developed nations. It is a point of thinking for all peacekeepers and peacemakers that if they can't stop a nation with their power, then there may be a space for revolution for all those who are surrendered by such type of typical cruel forces and governments.


If we see in the past no cruel nation or king got the achievement and are in good books of people even they are not in the good books of bad/cruel people.

Friday, 6 September 2019


Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory since the partition of Sub-Continent. Pakistan and India fought 3 main wars on Kashmir but War isn't a solution to any problem. This dispute can only be solved on the table of negotiations with peace. If both parties will try to solve this issue with war, then remember there would be only blood of both nations on the ground, not the solution. If we see in past, World War 1 and World War 2 were the most devastating wars of the modern era ended with the floods of blood. Recently, in august 2019, India revocked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by the revocation of article 370 and of 35A Indian Government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hundred Days of Lackdown Curfew in the States of Jammu and Kashmir

One Hundred One days passed but cruelty/brutality remains and increasing in  andt States Jammu and Kashmir.
This brutal behavior of Indian Govt and Army is a black mark on the name of humanity. Indian army oppressing Kashmiri people because of no reason, they actually want to snatch land of Kashmir from Kashmiri Muslim people and want to merge in India just to make Greater India. Oppression of Indian army on Kashmiri people is increasing day by day but no one knows what will be happen when curfew will left? The simple answer is insurgency should rise in Kashmir because when cruelty rise, it ends. There should be another movement in Kashmir from Kashmiri people against india and indian brutality. It may leads to killing and deaths of thousands of people, which is a threat to global prosperity and peace. Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan speech on the platform of  General Assembly of United Nations clearly defined, Indian behavior on Kashmir and it's outcomes because only Pakistan and India knows the feelings of Kashmiri people. 
Some questions about Indian Oppression on Kashmir:
Where are the organizations talking and working on human rights?
Where are the world's super nations who are the promising and working on human rights? 
Where are the states working on the status of children and women?
Where are the states working on the territorial integrity and independence? 
Where are the states and nations who are against slavery since 1492?

The answers is no will do anything because victims are muslims, not jews or christians. 
Only Human Right Organizations and so called Protetors of human rights states can solve this issue and stop indian brutality, but they will not do anything because this is matter of muslims not of christians or jews. 
World can see the difference of muslim state and non muslim states, in a way that Pakistan opened Kartarpur Corridor for Indian Sikhs and shows religious prosperity and independence on the globe, while Indian Supreme Courte ordered to replace Babri Mosque with Temple, which shows brutal nature of humanity and extremism. 
No one knows what will be the end of these two nations but history and facts says 'Virues always defeat evils'.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Every year millions of people celebrate the 31st of December to welcome the new day of the new year of their life, I don't understand one thing should we celebrate it? or should we be saddened about the fact that one year from our life is gone, thou everyone has different opinions.

Opinions about New Year

But if we see other's opinions new day of the new year brings new hope, new dreams, hope to bury all the bad things with the last sunset of 31st December, hope to start a new life with the new sunrise of 1st Jan. It's good to have little hope. some way or another we've chosen that this change, which will end one year and start the following, is unique. This one of a kind tick of the clock has dependably provoked us both to celebrate and to venture outside the everyday activities we're generally so occupied with to reflect, to think back, take stock, survey how we did, and make plans to improve the situation going ahead.

Well! We don't think so. We have passed one more year where partners moved toward becoming companions; companions turned out to be closest companions and closest companions to colleagues fundamentally indistinguishable year from last one, we concur. Notwithstanding, we observe New Year as well as an express farewell to a year that has conveyed such huge numbers of individuals to our lives. We trust it is to a greater degree a type of appearing at everything that occurred while saying farewell and preparing your intuitive for new difficulties are the center reasons we notice New Year and New Year Eve consistently.

 Many people take several resolutions to spend another year with full passion, chasing their dreams, not repeating the mistakes, but does it happen? Obviously is majority cases, no. Because it's the year that changes not a person!!!

Behind the enchanting draw of "New Year, New You" lies another sort of error, as well: the possibility that what we require, all together at long last to change, is one final push of self-control. (Probably, the expectation is that the "January feeling" of new beginnings and fresh starts will give it.) The supposition is that you're somewhat similar to an overwhelming rock, balanced on a slope over the Valley of Achievement, Productivity and Clean Eating. All you require is a purposeful push to make you roll.

One valuable approach to move viewpoint is to hand both Old You and New You their walking requests, and restricted your concentration to Present You. Try not to make plans to end up "the sort of individual" who runs, ponders, or tunes in to your companion. Rather, simply do that thing, once, today. Ideally now. It's enticing to include "and after that do a similar tomorrow, and consistently, forever" – then again, actually is fall once more into the New You trap. Settle for what is the most convenient option. Today is the main day of whatever is left of your week.

British Report on New Year

A recent report by British therapist Richard Wiseman found that for a large number of us, what U2 sang is valid: "Nothing changes on New Years Day." Of 3,000 individuals pursued for a year, 88% neglected to accomplish the objectives of their goals, albeit 52% had been sure they would when they made them.

It's captivating, truly, to perceive how regular such an extensive amount this is: Fireworks. Good fortunes customs. Goals to give us the misrepresentation of command over what's to come. All over the place, New Year's is a minute to consider our shortcomings and how we may diminish the vulnerabilities they present—and to take care of the startling weakness that originates from pondering the agitating obscure of what lies ahead. As normal as these mutual practices are crosswise over both history and culture, it's entrancing to understand that the exceptional ways that individuals take note of this novel section of one day into the following are most likely all signs of the human creature's basic for survival.

All in all, how would you console yourself against the scariest thing the future holds, the main beyond any doubt thing that lies ahead, the inevitable reality that you will sometime pass on?

And what changes the new year really makes? does it wipe all your tears of previous years? does it give food to the poor? shelter to people? 

No, so why spending hundreds of rupees just to welcome a day that has no impact on your life.

I hope this year everyone celebrates this day in different ways, make someone happy for a day, or make yourself happy, I hope every dream come true this year!!!


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Valentine's Day History and Religion Islam:

All people are familiar with this day as the name of 'Love Day'. Origination of Valentine's Day from a "Lupercalia" (Roman festival) in the mid of February around 496AD. Some of the writers wrote 3rd century AD as the origin of Valentine's Day.

In recent days this Love Day was celebrated by Christians and nowadays people from all believe celebrates this day as Christians. Even Muslims also celebrate this day as Christians which isn't permitted in Religion 'Islam'. As a Muslim, I am worried about the people who are involved in these types of activities. Islam teaches us to love someone is a blessing of Allah (GOD) but the way how people celebrate Valentine's day isn't allowed and prohibited in religion Islam. All the unethical things are prohibited in Islam even in love or war.

Let's come to the day of Valentine:  

The lovebirds especially meet in parks and hotels for dating. The believers and followers of Valentine's Day first exchange flowers, gifts, and chocolates with each other. All-day they spend together and do some unethical and immoral things. At the end of the day, they go back to their places and the whole story closes with the sunshine of the next morning. 
Loveday isn't celebrated by only married couples but unmarried couples are also deeply involved in it. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Creation of the Universe and the big bang! Science with Religion. According to many astronomers, the universe was created during an event that's known as Big Bang; a giant explosion that took place many years ago (10 - 20 Billion). 


The explosion took place in all directions and got bigger and bigger. Eventually, it formed planets, stars, and galaxies. 


 In the beginning, The universes contained very hot matter; not even an atom can exist. This universe then cooled down and converted this heat energy into sub-atomic particles i.e protons, neutrons and electrons. It took thousands of years for these electrons to combine with atomic nuclei (proton+neutron) and create electrically neutral atoms. First elements made: The first elements that were produced are hydrogen and helium followed by the traces of lithium and beryllium. These elements formed giant clouds resulting in the formation of stars and they lead to the production of heavy matter found in galaxies today. 


The first solid evidence is the detection of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMBR). The universe is young and hot was made of Plasma that was continuously emitting and reabsorbing light preventing the light from traveling through space. The aforementioned point tells us that the universe starting cooling. Since it started cooling, plasma started to form neutral atoms that did not absorb light so the universe was transparent and clearly showed light. The CMBR is the light that was emitted by the hot plasma when the universe was turning from opaque to transparent. 


Infrared light has enabled us to measure the speed of the expansion of the universe and is the only way to spot the galaxies that formed when the universe was very young. 


According to Islam, Allah Ta'ala is the creator of the entire universe. He alone manages it; He is Eternal and the Absolute. He is the most Powerful. 

The Holy Quran says, 

"Indeed there is no God but he" And, "He is the one who created the heaven and the earth in six days" According to Islam, After creating the Universe, Allah created a pen and a tablet. He then asked the pen to write whatever will happen and this is made our destiny. According to the Quran, The Qur'an says that "the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit before We clove them asunder" (21:30). 

Moreover, the Qur'an describes that Allah "made from water every living thing" "Allah has created every animal from water. Some of them are that creep on their bellies, some walk on two legs, and some walk on four. Allah creates what He has the power to create all " Science agrees on it that everything in the universe is made from the water.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Qayamat in Islam (Day of Judgement)

Being believers we all know and believe that the day of judgment is soon to come. However, it is a known fact that we do not when will that day be! Do you? Nobody is aware that will they be living like this tomorrow or not. 

According to Islam, the day of judgment is also termed as Qayamat or the day of resurrection. The religion of Islam talks about the signs being clearly told in the Holy Quran. 

The Quran says: 

"When we die and become dust and bones, will we really be raised again? (Quran 56:47)

Signs of the day of judgment in religion (Islam)

1. Increase in earthquakes.

2. Increase in bloodshed.

3. More women than men.

4. Fewer people there who will accept charity which means the flow of wealth.

5. Sun rising from the west.

6. Time passing more rapidly.

7. People would not trust each other.8. Gathering of people for Salah but no Imam would be found.

9. Men dressing as women.

10. People getting away from religion.

11. Good deeds will decrease.

12. The building size would become higher.

13. More and more injustice.

14. More amount of shopping markets close together.

15. This one is the major sign; Dajjal appearing.

16. Yajooj Majooj appearing.

17. Wrong people will get authority.

18. People will get away from knowledge. Knowledge is a weapon and losing it means losing a big part of our lives.

19. Adultery will be common.

20. Fornication will be common.

21. Cheating will be a daily thing!

22.  people will start shouting in mosques.

23. More female singers and musicians will be heard.

24. People will cut ties with family members.

25. Hot winters and cold summers.

26. Jealousy will become common.

27. A lie will be a higher priority of the truth.

This is not it... there are many more signs which tell that the judgment day is getting closer. These are just a few of the signs we see a lot. Don’t we? 

Coming to what science has to say about the day of judgment and its link. 
* The world and the era is growing. However, People ask for solid proofs to believe to the fact that yes indeed it's true that a time would come when everyone would vanish. When every soul in this world would die. Then would be the time that the second trumpet will blow and eventually everyone would wake up from their graves. It would then be that they would be questioned about their deeds. 
* The Book; the Quran talks about the questions. It talks about faith and how the sinful people would suffer and how those who spent their lives following the path of Allah would be grateful. They would be happy because they will be going to Jannah; A beautiful place.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Say no to drinking water after food! Live life with health. Points of religion and science about drinking water after having food.

The question that first comes to our mind is that why? Why not have water after food!
Water is an important thing which no one can live without!  Now the thing which we have never paid much heed to is that what are the proper times of having it. It is important to know the proper rules of water and meal. We have food and the next thing we go for is water. Having it right after a meal is not good for health as it dilutes the gastric juice which is there in our stomach.
Once Jane Fonda said: ‘ Drink water between meal so that the digestive juices will not be diluted.’

Why not drink water after meals? What does science say?  Reasons with elaboration. 

* Firstly, as I mentioned above that it dilutes the gastric juice which means that it leads to the road towards acidity. Acidity is also known as heartburn. The enzymes in our body which are an aid to digestion are produced in less number causing the food to be digested more quickly but not in a proper way.
* Secondly, more water leads to the stomach being more emptier and so we go for more and more food. When we have an excess amount of food we get obese. Eventually, overeating is baleful and it leads to obesity which further takes us to other levels of sickness and our stomach system stops working properly. The only thing it has to do is to take in food only! Is it not better to give it space for digestion. Our body needs rest too!
* Not only this but it is also one of the reasons for bloating of the stomach. In the modern era, who will want to have a stomach coming out and a body not properly shaped. Just imagine your stomach coming out and you wearing your favorite dress.. how will you manage taking pictures that are appropriate for social media.
* Moreover, water after a meal also causes diabetes. How?  It raises blood sugar in our body and that is not good for us. We must be really careful when it comes to interacting with stuff which causes issues in the body.
* We must never go against the gastric, fluid or juice there in our body because once these things get affected, our life gets affected too!

Even our religion talks about this and lays emphasis on it.

  1.  Religion has always asked us to stay healthy and eat healthily. It has shown us the way towards health.
  2.  Just like it says overeating is baleful it also says that do not go towards actions that harm us. Just like drinking water after a meal. However, our religion and science both show how bad is water after a meal.

Instead of drinking water after meal what is the way of drinking it properly?  What do science and religion say? (Preferred ways)

* Water should be taken before a meal. It is preferred because it makes digestion easier and it also stops us from overeating.
* Water can be taken in between meals too but not in such a high quantity that it fills up our entire stomach.
* We should wait 30 minutes after a meal to have water so that the meal gets digested properly. Be compassionate to the stomach too.
Now it is high time that we should stay away from unhealthy things and not do things that are harmful. ‘ Health is wealth’. Thus, we must go on a healthy road. Thus, this all proves that we must not drink water after a meal if we are want to live a good and happy life. We must take proper care of ourselves and our body!

Sunday, 27 January 2019

History of Ablution in Religion (Islam)

About 1400 years ago, Islam ordered us to do Wudhu before every prayer and this was made compulsory on Muslims; without Wudhu prayers are not accepted. Today science has proved that Wudhu has a lot of benefits. Still, it should be kept in mind that Wudhu should be always done for the pleasure of Allah. Science has proved it so that these benefits can be presented to Non-Muslims and to make a Muslim's faith even stronger.
Benefits of Ablution (Wudhu) and Medical Science


A Pakistani Physiotherapist held a conference in Western Germany on "WHAT CURES OTHER THAN MEDICINES ARE POSSIBLE FOR DEPRESSION?"
There a doctor quoted that many patients were suffering through depression. He recommended them to wash their hands and mouth five times a day, so the result of this recommendation was positive. Then, he made them wash their hands, neck, arms, and leg as well and this had a more positive effect. Since Muslims do Wudhu five times a day, very few Muslims suffer through depression. Hence, the best cure for depression is Wudhu.


Ablution (Wudhu) also makes us fresh and active. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) recommended us to do Wudhu before sleeping. Today, yoga experts also recommend us to wash our eyes, mouth, hands, and legs before going to bed for deep sleep. 


In ablution, we are ordered to wash our nose thrice. Science has cleared that most of the diseases especially microbial diseases prevented by regular washing of nose, and those who don't wash their nose are exposed to a huge amount of harmful microbes.


The aforementioned point has made us aware that ablution makes us active. The reason behind that is when we wash our arms, this activates our blood circulation making a person more enthusiastic.


 A study was carried out in Pakistan. It found that over 50% of pneumonia-related infections under the age of 5 can be prevented by the washing of hands. Since Ablution also includes washing of hands, this prevents infection pathogens on our hands.


Rinsing our mouth prevents tooth decay. When we eat food, the sugary molecules get stick into our teeth. Bacteria feeds on it producing acids that dissolve our enamel and cause plaque. When we rinse our mouth, the food particles get removed.


While performing any Islamic duty even ablution, there are some scientific truths (benefits) behind all that' It tells us about Allah's superiority and that he's All-Knowing. Allah's every order is for our benefit only and we should follow it completely.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle is a slack, flexible region; which is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s triangle because there are many ships, airplanes and a number of many other things got disappeared under strange situations. The area where the Bermuda triangle is located in one of the most visited places by the aircraft in America and Europe. Because of the disappearing of these airplanes, ships from many years’ people now believe that all this happens because of paranormal activities. And many types of research and experiments are done by the scientist to find out what exactly is happening there, like is it actually paranormal activity or something else.

Crashing and Disappearing of the Ships and Aircraft:

The first incident of crashing and disappearing of the ship happened in the 1800s at the Bermuda triangle. This incident was of the sinking of a navy ship USS Pickering. The name of the ship was USS Pickering it was named after the secretary of that time, whose name was Thomas Pickering. According to the reports, this Navy ship left Boston on 10 of June in 1800 for the purpose to join rest of the Navy ships in Guadeloupe station, which is located in West Indies. And the ship is believed to disappear because of the wind storm at the sea.
According to the news report the latest incident that took place at the Bermuda triangle happened on May 15, 2018, in which an aircraft MU-2B-40 got disappeared. And this incident occurs at the Rader 59 km which is in the east of Eleuthera, that’s an island in the Commonwealth of Bahamas. In this incident, seven people are believed to have died in this crashing of aircraft.
Many scholars and researchers have produced many documentaries and researches in order to tell the reasons and science behind these mysterious and strange paranormal activities that occur at the Bermuda triangle. Some scientists have mentioned the reasons because of which ships, aircraft, and things got disappear at Bermuda triangle:
·     "Technology can be lost from the legendary, now lost Atlantis continent".
·         “Aliens and Anonymous Objects Flying ”.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Overeating refers to eating in surplus quantity, it is the core of lots of diseases such as obesity in later life. Not only this but it also causes us pain and issues in sleeping. It can also be termed as an addiction because many people really get addicted to overeating all of the time. Even if their stomach is not in the state to consume more!

Religion (Islam) and Overeating:

Religion (Islam) has always taught us to pick the best thing. Here again, Holly Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) taught us the right path. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: 
‘I eat as the servant eats, and I sit as the servant sits. Verily, I am only a servant.’
This shows that Islam teaches us to maintain a proper diet which is healthy in all means. The prophet never filled his entire stomach with food. He always ate less. Being from an influential tribe he could get excess to the most extravagant dishes but he never ate one. He always thought about others and rather than overeating passed it on. The Prophet at timed remained hungry and also taught his followers that filling your entire stomach together during a single meal is not a good thing.
Science has also been researching the overeating issues and proves that overeating is baleful. Many of us must have noticed that those who eat all the time are most of the time inert and unwilling to do something. They keep sitting idly all the time.

The disadvantages of overeating and the reason why overeating is baleful?

* It causes harm to our heart and is one of the reasons behind heart pain.
*Overeating leads to the cause of obesity.
* It makes you lazy and your nervous system gets slower.
* Overeating also causes our digestive system to suffer because our digestive system needs rest too! It can not keep on going to digest the food we put in again and again! Just think if you are a cricketer and your coach asks you to keep on batting the entire day and night. What will you go through?
* To become someone smart, elegant and gorgeous dear ladies and gents it is important to cut down food. Those who overeat and keep questioning why don’t they get slim and smart, the answer is overeating is baleful. It makes you obese!

Overeating causes memory loss too. Wondering why? 

Because your brain starts getting slow too when all your body does is consume and digest food!

Reasons behind overeating:

* The main reason is stress. Whoever is under stress finds eating an easy solution. They eat as much as they can to forget the problems they are facing!
* Another reason is overthinking. It is linked to stress. People overthink a lot nowadays! This again proves overeating is baleful
* We all live in a world where self-esteem is important. People with crashed confidence think that their life has ended and end up distressed and start eating!
* Emotional problems and mood swings. Everyone breaks up with someone or ever gone through problems like not feeling like to talk to anyone. We have no one to talk to and so we go towards food because the food is best-friend. The more we eat the more we feel better. We do not understand the fact that overeating is baleful!
* Lastly, food is a route to joy too. While watching movies or playing games, food is a way to party. With friends, we eat so much that we do not keep a track of how much we are giving to our stomach. At parties, also, various dishes lead us to taste all and so in only tasting we eat a huge amount of everything.
Food now actually is considered a solution to every problem. Whatsoever people find food to feel free and better. When they eat, they start overeating and end up badly!

How to get rid of the overeating issue?

* The best thing you can do is find other ways to get joy. You can further deflect your mind. Keep yourself busy in other games.
* Eat food slowly. Take smaller bites and chew properly.
* If you are the cook make a smaller amount of foods; food that is enough for your stomach.
* Fill more of your stomach with water or juices, so that you do not run towards food.

This proves that overeating is baleful. It also gives you the proper way of how to take food and what to do to avoid overeating. Thus, we must take care of our diet and be careful of what and how much we eat.

Monday, 14 January 2019

A human being has a few basic requirements to survive on this planet. Those most basic requirements include clean air to breathe in, water and food. With the evolution of the man, their needs for survival have also modified for shelter, food, and clothes to wear. Out of all of them, the most important without which anybody can't even imagine staying alive is food and nutrition. Eating healthy is a sign of having a better life. Nutrition is part and parcel of our life. A balanced diet includes some basic nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins for the proper functioning of body processes, and maintaining the health and keeping us active for performing daily life activities like playing, walking, running, reading, etc. Eating is important for life but overeating and under eating both can bring with eating many lethal and dangerous problems.


Obesity is the medical condition in which the person becomes extremely heavy, fat and stout. The person having such an increased body mass may become more prone to many more other lethal diseases so as the name “MOTHER OF ALL DISEASES”. 
Doctors use criteria for measuring the appropriate weight according to age, sex, and a medical status called a body mass index(BMI). An obese person can have their BMI increased up to 30 while normal is 18.5-24.9.


The most common and understandable cause for obesity is overeating and minimal physical activity . Having slack and stagnant lifestyles often changes many normal people into obese. Other causes may be ;

Genetic familial

Obesity often runs in families as it has the genetic component. 40 % of obesity is due to genetic causes.


60% of obesity is due to environmental causes.

Sedentary lifestyle

Less physical activity often makes a person obese (obesity). Today's world provides more latest appliances that lessen manual work.

Certain Medications

Insulin for diabetes, antidepressants, antipsychotics, steroid hormones, opioids, and antihypertensives often have side effects of weight gain (obesity).


The stress hormone cortisol is released in stress that increases the cravings for more food leading to more calorie intake ultimately weight gain (obesity).

Junk food
Junk food usually has an excessive and abnormal amount of fat and sugars in it which gets accumulated in our body leading to weight gain (obesity).

Leptin resistance
Leptin is an obesity-related hormone released from fat cells and it sends signals to the hypothalamus in the brain to regulate the eating patterns and alter food intake. It is directly related to body weight more is leptin is secreted if a man puts on weight. In leptin resistance, a person is unable to feel satiety and the control is lost.
Culture includes your family, marital status, economic status, society you live in, age, gender, occupation, and education level which have different effects on eating habits and the type of food eaten.

 The food having a high content of cholesterol and fats can prove poison for obese or overweight people. Cholesterol level-up to 100-129 mg/dL is acceptable but above this can be alarming especially in patients with cardiac diseases.


Excess body weight firstly makes the person inactive and lethargic, the person rarely can do any physical work. Moreover, many other health risks are associated with it which may include;
  1. Respiratory disorders, like sleep apnoea, asthma. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD
  2. Joint diseases as arthritis, osteoarthritis,
  3. Hypertension
  4. Stroke
  5. Cardiac diseases (acute coronary heart disease)
  6. Cancers of the breast, colon, gall bladder, endometrium, kidney)
  7. Liver problems and gallstones
  8. High level of LDL (low-density lipids) and VLDL (very low-density lipids) cholesterol and low levels of high-density lipids (HDL)
  9. Sexual abnormalities I.e infertility, abnormal menstruation.
  10. Dysregulated immune system (increases susceptibility to different infectious agents)
  11. Gastrointestinal abnormalities e.g gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Psychological Problems Related To Obesity

Besides medical conditions, a person becomes depressed, discriminated, emotionally disturbed because of his body shape. They face lowered self-esteem, society abandons them, usually find difficulty in finding jobs, and the quality of life is also compromised.


 Weight managing programs should be joined to prevent obesity, a person should take part in daily life works, physical activities should be increased, the diet should be controlled and altered to eating less and healthy. Exercise is the easiest and rapid way to lose weight. A person should attempt surgical intervention only when all try to lose weight, fail. As a preventive measure, we should make habit of eating a healthy balanced diet, less calorie intake and being active so as to avoid obesity and its related health risks. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Pakistan Economy:

Pakistan, ever since its independence, has largely been an agrarian economy, surviving on primary products, which form a major part of its export. In a historical sense, ever since its inception in 1947, Pakistan has produced a reasonable economic performance over the seventy years of its existence, despite ups and downs and especially considering the fact that the country has been involved in three major wars with its neighbor India, in 1965, in 1971 and in 1999. Political, social and religious tensions have played a key role in the country’s economic performance, largely in a negative context. In 1947, agriculture accounted for 53% of the total GDP and today it counts for 21% of the total GDP, showing that, despite the recent changes to transition towards a technologically-inclined industrial economy, Pakistan still very much remains an agrarian economy.

Economic History:

If we were to look at the history of Pakistan;’s economic performance, the uncertainty of the 1950s gave way to perhaps the most successful economic phase in Pakistan’s history, as General Ayub Khan initiated the Green Revolution, which led to a decade of economic prosperity, with three times more than India at that time. However, this came at a price since most of this development was limited to the province of Punjab, Pakistan’s breadbasket and urban Sindh, with Karachi serving as the capital city back then.

Mass nationalization schemes and liberal economic policies were major themes during the 1970s under the Bhutto regime. This, coupled with key political events such as the separation of East Pakistan, as well as the launch of Pakistan’s nuclear program under the auspices of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, dealt the Pakistani economy a major blow. Global events such as the 1973 OPEC oil price shocks also added to Pakistan’s economic struggles.

Extensive US aid to Pakistan, under Zia n the 1980s, saw a rise in economic and industrial growth. Overnight, Pakistan was thrust into the global spotlight of the Cold War as the USA’s most allied ally t combat the Soviets in Afghanistan. This meant that the USA was willing to go to extensive lengths to boost the Pakistani economy.

The “musical chairs” period of the 1990s, when a number of political transitions, as well as a power struggle between Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto, saw economics being neglected and taking a back seat.

The Musharraf era saw a few areas become important to economic policy. These included exchange rate management of the rupee against the dollar, usually maintained artificially. The baking sector underwent a mass makeover, affecting interest rates while capital goods became a priority. Pakistani per capita income rose to $1000 by 2007 due to increased foreign remittances.

The Zardari years began right during the 2008 global recession, leading to an economic struggle. This, coupled with key political events such as the Bin Laden killing in 2011 and the Raymond Davis case, harmed Pakistan by damaging its international reputation. The economy suffered as exports dried up.

The Nawaz Sharif government saw policies and practices in favor of elite industrialists and businessmen, with a strong focus on infrastructure development such as roads and bridges, also concentrated in Punjab, leaving the economy heavily detached from the rest of the provinces.

Pakistan Economy Current Status:

In the current scenario, Pakistan’s economy continues to struggle under the PTI government, with the massive devaluation of the rupee. This has led to desperate steps such as the $6bn bailout package by Saudi Arabia, under Muhammad bin Salman. However, CPEC remains a beacon of hope for long-term economic prosperity.


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