History of Ablution in Religion (Islam)

About 1400 years ago, Islam ordered us to do Wudhu before every prayer and this was made compulsory on Muslims; without Wudhu prayers are not accepted. Today science has proved that Wudhu has a lot of benefits. Still, it should be kept in mind that Wudhu should be always done for the pleasure of Allah. Science has proved it so that these benefits can be presented to Non-Muslims and to make a Muslim’s faith even stronger.

Benefits of Ablution (Wudhu) and Medical Science


A Pakistani Physiotherapist held a conference in Western Germany on “WHAT CURES OTHER THAN MEDICINES ARE POSSIBLE FOR DEPRESSION?”
There a doctor quoted that many patients were suffering from depression. He recommended them to wash their hands and mouth five times a day, so the result of this recommendation was positive. Then, he made them wash their hands, neck, arms, and leg as well and this had a more positive effect. Since Muslims do Wudhu five times a day, very few Muslims suffer through depression. Hence, the best cure for depression is Wudhu.


Ablution (Wudhu) also makes us fresh and active. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) recommended us to do Wudhu before sleeping. Today, yoga experts also recommend us to wash our eyes, mouth, hands, and legs before going to bed for deep sleep. 


In ablution, we are ordered to wash our nose thrice. Science has cleared that most of the diseases especially microbial diseases prevented by regular washing of nose, and those who don’t wash their nose are exposed to a huge amount of harmful microbes.


The aforementioned point has made us aware that ablution makes us active. The reason behind that is when we wash our arms, this activates our blood circulation making a person more enthusiastic.


 A study was carried out in Pakistan. It found that over 50% of pneumonia-related infections under the age of 5 can be prevented by the washing of hands. Since Ablution also includes washing of hands, this prevents infection pathogens on our hands.


Rinsing our mouth prevents tooth decay. When we eat food, the sugary molecules get stick into our teeth. Bacteria feeds on it producing acids that dissolve our enamel and cause plaque. When we rinse our mouth, the food particles get removed.


While performing any Islamic duty even ablution, there are some scientific truths (benefits) behind all that’ It tells us about Allah’s superiority and that he’s All-Knowing. Allah’s every order is for our benefit only and we should follow it completely.

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