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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Did Noah’s flood happen? (Kashaan Mahmood)

We have all heard the story. The story is found across many cultures such as the epics of Gilgamesh, the Hindu puranic story of Manu, in Greek mythology as well as in the Bible (Not to mention Islam). For a story to be found across so many cultures and faiths, it seems logical for the story to be true right? Some would disagree.
Some would ask how can we analyze this and reach a concluding argument whether it be in the favor of this story or against it? Well, thankfully we don't have to.

Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis
The Black Sea Deluge Hypothesis was put forth by Geologists Walter Pitmann, Bill Ryan and their colleagues. Their proposition was that a catastrophic amount of seawater had flown in from the Mediterranean sea into the Black Sea.

This sudden catastrophic event leads to a Great flood which was 200 times the flow of water falling from Niagra Falls, daily. Over 155,00 kmof land was flooded. The research suggests that the flood lasted for at least 300 days. Now a question springs to mind, how did this catastrophic flood come about?
 I will try to put it in simple words for everyone to understand. It came about at the end of the last ice age. Ice ages were the periods in earth’s geological history when global temperatures fell and ice sheets in the Northern and Southern hemispheres expanded. Seas and oceans freeze during the ice age and according to science, there have been at least five ice ages until modern times.
At the end of last ice age, the glaciers were melting and the vast amount of glacial water was flowing into seas such as the Mediterranean sea. The sea was so swelled up with water that it eventually overflowed into neighboring black sea.

According to the Holy Quran (Surah Hud Ayat # 44), Noah’s ark landed on Mount Judi. The interesting thing to note is that Mount Judi is situated in Turkey and Turkey is right next to the Black Sea, the sea in which the catastrophic flood came.

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