Every year millions of people celebrate the 31st of December to welcome the new day of the new year of their life, I don’t understand one thing should we celebrate it? or should we be saddened about the fact that one year from our life is gone, thou everyone has different opinions.

Opinions about New Year

But if we see other’s opinions new day of the new year brings new hope, new dreams, hope to bury all the bad things with the last sunset of 31st December, hope to start a new life with the new sunrise of 1st Jan. It’s good to have little hope. some way or another we’ve chosen that this change, which will end one year and start the following, is unique. This one of a kind tick of the clock has dependably provoked us both to celebrate and to venture outside the everyday activities we’re generally so occupied with to reflect, to think back, take stock, survey how we did, and make plans to improve the situation going ahead.

Well! We don’t think so. We have passed one more year where partners moved toward becoming companions; companions turned out to be closest companions and closest companions to colleagues fundamentally indistinguishable year from last one, we concur. Notwithstanding, we observe New Year as well as an express farewell to a year that has conveyed such huge numbers of individuals to our lives. We trust it is to a greater degree a type of appearing at everything that occurred while saying farewell and preparing your intuitive for new difficulties are the center reasons we notice New Year and New Year Eve consistently.

 Many people take several resolutions to spend another year with full passion, chasing their dreams, not repeating the mistakes, but does it happen? Obviously is majority cases, no. Because it’s the year that changes not a person!!!

Behind the enchanting draw of “New Year, New You” lies another sort of error, as well: the possibility that what we require, all together at long last to change, is one final push of self-control. (Probably, the expectation is that the “January feeling” of new beginnings and fresh starts will give it.) The supposition is that you’re somewhat similar to an overwhelming rock, balanced on a slope over the Valley of Achievement, Productivity and Clean Eating. All you require is a purposeful push to make you roll.

One valuable approach to move viewpoint is to hand both Old You and New You their walking requests, and restricted your concentration to Present You. Try not to make plans to end up “the sort of individual” who runs, ponders, or tunes in to your companion. Rather, simply do that thing, once, today. Ideally now. It’s enticing to include “and after that do a similar tomorrow, and consistently, forever” – then again, actually is fall once more into the New You trap. Settle for what is the most convenient option. Today is the main day of whatever is left of your week.

British Report on New Year

A recent report by British therapist Richard Wiseman found that for a large number of us, what U2 sang is valid: “Nothing changes on New Years Day.” Of 3,000 individuals pursued for a year, 88% neglected to accomplish the objectives of their goals, albeit 52% had been sure they would when they made them.

It’s captivating, truly, to perceive how regular such an extensive amount this is: Fireworks. Good fortunes customs. Goals to give us the misrepresentation of command over what’s to come. All over the place, New Year’s is a minute to consider our shortcomings and how we may diminish the vulnerabilities they present—and to take care of the startling weakness that originates from pondering the agitating obscure of what lies ahead. As normal as these mutual practices are crosswise over both history and culture, it’s entrancing to understand that the exceptional ways that individuals take note of this novel section of one day into the following are most likely all signs of the human creature’s basic for survival.

All in all, how would you console yourself against the scariest thing the future holds, the main beyond any doubt thing that lies ahead, the inevitable reality that you will sometime pass on?

And what changes the new year really makes? does it wipe all your tears of previous years? does it give food to the poor? shelter to people? 

No, so why spending hundreds of rupees just to welcome a day that has no impact on your life.

I hope this year everyone celebrates this day in different ways, make someone happy for a day, or make yourself happy, I hope every dream come true this year!!!


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