Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory since the partition of Sub-Continent. Pakistan and India fought 3 main wars on Kashmir but War isn’t a solution to any problem. This dispute can only be solved on the table of negotiations with peace. If both parties will try to solve this issue with war, then remember there would be only blood of both nations on the ground, not the solution. If we see in the past, World War 1 and World War 2 were the most devastating wars of the modern era ended with the floods of blood. Recently, in august 2019, India revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir by the revocation of article 370 and of 35A Indian Government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Role of Human Rights Organizations during Lockdown Curfew in the States of Jammu and Kashmir

One Hundred One day passed but cruelty/brutality remains and increasing in and States Jammu and Kashmir.
This brutal behavior of the Indian Govt and Army is a black mark on the name of humanity. Indian army oppressing Kashmiri people because of no reason, they actually want to snatch land of Kashmir from Kashmiri Muslim people and want to merge in India just to make Greater India. Oppression of the Indian army on Kashmiri people is increasing day by day but no one knows what will happen when curfew will left? The simple answer is insurgency should rise in Kashmir because when cruelty rises, it ends. There should be another movement in Kashmir from Kashmiri people against India and Indian brutality. It may lead to the killing and deaths of thousands of people, which is a threat to global prosperity and peace. Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan’s speech on the platform of  General Assembly of United Nations clearly defined, Indian behavior on Kashmir and it’s outcomes because only Pakistan and India know the feelings of Kashmiri people. 
Some questions about Indian Oppression on Kashmir:

Where are the organizations talking and working on human rights?
Where are the world’s super nations who are promising and working on human rights?
Where are the states working on the status of children and women?
Where are the states working on territorial integrity and independence?
Where are the states and nations who are against slavery since 1492?

Human Rights Organizations failed in Kashmir:

The answers are no will do anything because victims are Muslims, not Jews or Christians. 
Only Human Right Organizations and so-called Protectors of human rights states can solve this issue and stop Indian brutality, but they will not do anything because this is a matter of Muslims not of Christians or jews. 
The world can see the difference between Muslim state and non-muslim states, in a way that Pakistan opened Kartarpur Corridor for Indian Sikhs and shows religious prosperity and independence on the globe, while Indian Supreme Courte ordered to replace Babri Mosque with Temple, which shows brutal nature of humanity and extremism. 
No one knows what will be the end of these two nations but history and facts say ‘Virus always defeat evils’.

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