Precision and accuracy are two different things. The atheists of the 21st century are weighing religions with their precise observation rather than using accuracy regarding the fact. It is a very wrong perception that people are leaving their religions very fast to become science lovers. These are the people of sick mentality because every child in his/her childhood raise questions about nature like how the sun is glowing, how solar system us working, how people of different color and breed exists? Who is behind all these facts? 

Existence of GOD

 So, Children learn in their childhood that there is anyone who is managing all this and HE is only GOD. When a believer talks to a non-believer, the first question asked who is behind human existence? We are a product of environmental changes, This is a very simple and innocent reply by non-believer but they forget to understand what is the force behind environmental changes. A great scientist ‘Stephen Hawking ‘ accepted there is something behind all these phenomenal changes but he also named it as an unknown force instead of GOD because he was an atheist. Stephen Hawking again wrote in his last book that there is no GOD because time didn’t exist before the process of the Big Bang. He mentioned in his many books that there is no concept of GOD who created this universe but the universe formed after the Big Bang. Unfortunately, he forgets that he is a human and forgets that there is Almighty Allah who created him and the whole universe. Science is growing rapidly and proving that natural processes of the universe are controlled by an external power. The time of sunrise and sunshine isn’t only a natural process but there is someone who is controlling all this. Every concept of science is proven by Holy Books especially Holy Qura’an.

Science is the blessing of Almighty GOD (Allah)

The world is a place where the human being is enjoying their life in different communities divided on the basis of color, beliefs, geographical area, and knowledge but human thinking is challenging nature with the passage of time and advancement. It is very challenging for a human to say the existence of everything in the universe is just a result of climate change because if someone thinks it’s because of climate then another question raised that who is controlling climate? Here, the mind of atheists stuck and they start blaming believers like what is scientific proof of the existence of Almighty Allah (GOD)? So, the simplest answer is here, when you study the process of the solar system, you can easily understand the powers behind all this process and these hidden powers are actually the simplest proof of the existence of Almighty. But unfortunately, atheists don’t want to understand all this because they only want to prove the power of science but they forget to think about how science started and how science is working. Science can never make a human body as we’re.

I’ve only one question. Why science is continuously changing direction with the passage of time on the same thing? Everyday noble prizest scientific theories are changing directions because of unauthenticity but nature is going on its way since the human started thinking. It is the responsibility of every person even atheist or believer to research and thinks about nature especially what I’ve discussed in a few lines then they can get the result. Nature is beautiful because there is a creator who is controlling everything with proper management. 

It is an open forum for discussion on any topic but without using bad words about any religion or belief. Comments and questions about this topic will be appreciated and if anyone wants to discuss and use their own thoughts in a separate post, I’ll post it on this blog. It doesn’t mean what belief or religion you belongs to but all are human first so humanity teaches us to love each other even if the opposition is wrong too. These are my thoughts about atheism that I discussed after talking to many atheists because learning about different beliefs must be a peaceful hobby for everyone. 

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